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Welcome Guests! This is the Administrator Speaking Empty Welcome Guests! This is the Administrator Speaking

Post  Administrator on Sat 24 Apr 2010, 6:29 am

If you're ready to register, then click the next link. Just create a unique username, password, supply your e-mail, and you're past step #1.

Activating Your Account :: after you've completed registering, you'll be sent an message in either your email's "Inbox" or "Spam" box. A link is provided in the e-mail to get you right back where you were, and activates your account for you.

Sign Me Up!

Once you're Registered, and your account is activated; it's time to reveal who our Mystery Guest is.. Here, you can introduce yourself and meet Members faster and get a feel for the place.

If you're here to meet and discuss then you've found the right place! In this board, anything related to Video Games is open for Discussion.

Gaming Discussion

Got a game you wanna review?Post about it in this section!

Gaming Reviews

Is there a new game coming out that you want to announce?Found a cool mod or hack(must not be illegal, though)

Gaming News

Into the freeware fighting game engine, MUGEN?Got a cool character release or stage?Discuss about it here!


Use Game Maker and design games?Got a game project you want to show us?

Game Maker

Too much gaming at the moment? There's some Off-Topic Discussion Board open for any Discussion. What's your interests or what's on your mind?

Whatever Goes

Watched a cool television show?Want to talk about Anime?Got a cool book?

Culture and Media

Got some original artwork, story you've written, or any form of creativity, then show them off here. We wanna see them. We also have Signature Shops if you need help finding and tweaking your pic in your Signature

Show your stuff here.

The Announcements and Information Sections at the very top of the Main Page will let you know specific things about FAQ's,Rules and other topics the Staff will provide for Members to be aware of for the forum.

Site Announcements


Wanna kill some time and play a game?

Go to the Arcade by clicking the "Arcade" button at the top.

Wanna chat?

Click the "Chat" Button at the top to enter the chatbox.

Got some Ship Points and wanna spend them?Go to the shop to buy some stuff!

Hocotate Shop

Now! If you're ready to sign up and become a Member of Hocotate Freight, and help us grow as we're just in the beginning of things. Then allow me to redirect you to the Registration Process.

OK! Now, I'm Ready. Sign Me Up!

and if you join our site you get:
*No ads
*access to the chatbox
*Be able to post

Thank You for taking the time to visit our site. We hope to see you soon

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